Two Methods for Handling Healthcare Costs

Medical Cost Sharing

Traditional Health Insurance

Traditional Health Insurance


  This is provided for Colorado REALTORS® and association affiliates through Redirect Health and Sedera. Using medical cost sharing is a rapidly growing trend due in part to its lower monthly cost (often 30-60% less than traditional insurance), simple structure, and transparency.

Please note, it is important to consider how Sedera handles medical procedures related to pre-existing conditions (a condition for which you have had symptoms or treatment in the past 36 months), so please take the time to understand how this may impact you.

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Traditional Health Insurance

Traditional Health Insurance

Traditional Health Insurance


  For REALTORS® who prefer traditional health insurance, these resources will help you find a plan that fits your needs. Since Association Health Plans (AHPs) are not yet available in Colorado, and many REALTORS® and affiliates do not have employers who offer healthcare solutions, it comes down to navigating and purchasing an individual plan. 

Please note, if you are eligible for premium assistance or would like to know if that is an option for you, the Connect for Colorado  website is the only way to make this determination and enroll for premium assistance.

Otherwise, these resources will provide you with the information needed to learn what is available based on your zip code. After looking at providers and plans online, if you would like personal assistance, we have a locally licensed and experienced professional to help. These resources are provided through the Colorado Association of REALTORS® at no additional cost to members.

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